From our homes and offices to our hospitals, schools, restaurants, and stores, every day we make decisions that influence whether or not our buildings are efficient. By improving a building’s energy efficiency, we improve its affordability, health, comfort, and resiliency.

Now is the Time to Act on Efficiency

The Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) catalyzes demand for high-performing buildings. Why? The buildings in which we live and work are the single largest energy user in the United States, accounting for ~40% of total energy consumption.

At IMT, we see a clear path to reducing energy use by 30% or more across U.S. commercial, industrial, and multifamily buildings by 2030. The resulting benefits are life changing.

Energy-efficient buildings help owners, occupants, cities, and utilities:

Save billions of dollars

Create thousands of jobs and supercharge economic growth

Boost property value while increasing affordability

Dramatically reduce carbon emissions

Improve quality of life across all of society

IMT Makes Ambitious Goals a Reality

For more than 20 years, IMT has identified the challenges that prevent people from embracing and demanding energy efficiency and engineered solutions to resolve these barriers. A deep understanding of real estate and policymaking enables IMT staff to overcome common barriers to widespread deployment of efficient practices.

  • IMT creates paths to broad and deep whole-building energy reductions across a wide selection of geographies and building types.
  • IMT crafts and activates local networks to deploy efficiency faster and deeper in all stages of building use, from financing, design, and construction, through occupancy, tenant turnover, renovation, and disposition.
  • IMT works to enable efficiency in buildings and regions where it would otherwise not be a priority.

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