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Institute for Market Transformation

Promoting energy efficiency in buildings
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  • Cliff Majersik Executive Director

    Cliff directs IMT’s research on building performance policy, energy codes, energy efficiency finance, and green leasing. He leads IMT’s outreach to multiple stakeholder groups, including financial services, utilities, and real estate.

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    Cliff Majersik
  • Christine Cahn Chief Financial and Administrative Officer

    Christine Cahn joined IMT in 2012, bringing ample experience in analytics and operations.

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    Christine Cahn
  • Chuck Wilson Chief Operating Officer

    As COO, Chuck oversees IMT's organizational strategy and fundraising as well as supervising program activities.

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    Chuck Wilson
  • Trudy Anderson Bookkeeper

    Trudy, who handles bookkeeping for IMT, joined the staff in 2011 after 19 years at a small consulting firm, where she was responsible for general office administration, bookkeeping, budget, and personnel matters.

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    Trudy Anderson
  • Jayson Antonoff U.S. Director, Global Buildings Performance Network

    Jayson Antonoff leads the United States hub of the Global Buildings Performance Network and is the Technical Director for the City Energy Project. He is based in IMT's Washington, DC office.

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    Jayson Antonoff
  • Alissa Burger Senior Program Associate

    Alissa is a senior associate working within the Building Energy Performance Policy Program to advance the role of energy data in shaping current and next generation energy efficiency policies and practices. 

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    Alissa Burger
  • Ufei Chan Benchmarking Manager, New York City Department of Buildings

    As a Benchmarking Manager for the PlaNYC Greener, Greater Buildings Plan (GGBP), Ufei Chan is an IMT employee working full-time with the New York City government.

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    Ufei Chan
  • Mark Chao Senior Advisor

    Mark is the founding staff member of IMT. Having served continuously in various capacities since 1996, he now works as senior advisor, providing technical and strategic support to IMT’s senior management and program staff.

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    Mark Chao
  • Andrew Feierman Program Associate, Commercial Real Estate Engagement

    Andrew works in IMT’s commercial real estate and commercial finance divisions.

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    Andrew Feierman
  • Megan Houston Senior Program Associate

    Megan is a senior program associate focusing on the multifamily sector with the goal of facilitating the financing and valuation of energy performance upgrades.

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    Megan Houston
  • Julie Hughes Director, Building Energy Performance Policy

    Julie maintains IMT’s position at the forefront of market-based solutions to today’s climate and energy challenges, and manages IMT’s public policy and regulatory work to improve the energy efficiency of America’s buildings.

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    Julie Hughes
  • Caroline Keicher Associate Director, Building Energy Performance Policy

    Caroline leads IMT’s outreach and advocacy activities related to the development of legislative and regulatory policy for building energy performance. She provides policy support and technical guidance to policymakers and government agencies, as well as outreach to stakeholders in the the real estate, utility, and energy services sectors.

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    Caroline Keicher
  • Leonard Kolstad Program Associate

    Lenny researches energy efficiency financing and supports IMT's work to integrate efficiency into commercial real estate appraisals.

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    Leonard Kolstad
  • Betsy Law Grants Manager

    Betsy Law works closely with IMT's program teams during the propoal, award, and project implementation phases for funders.

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    Betsy Law
  • Jessica Lawrence Associate Director, Building Energy Performance Policy

    Jessica works to advance building energy performance through legislative and regulatory policy. She provides guidance to policymakers and government agencies.

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    Jessica Lawrence
  • Ross MacWhinney Policy Advisor, New York City Mayor's Office of Sustainability

    A Policy Advisor for New York City’s Greener Greater Buildings Plan (GGBP), Ross is an IMT working fulltime in the NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability. 

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    Ross MacWhinney
  • Ryan Meres Senior Code Compliance Specialist

    Ryan works with the Global Buildings Performance Network to investigate best practices in energy code compliance in new and existing buildings.

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    Ryan Meres
  • John Miller Program Manager, Energy Efficiency Finance Policy

    John Miller joined IMT in 2012 and works to improve the availability of energy efficiency financing for homes and commercial buildings.

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    John Miller
  • Chris Potter Senior Communications Associate

    Chris works across all of IMT’s core programs and leads strategic communications efforts for the commercial real estate engagement and energy code teams.

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    Chris Potter
  • Robert Sahadi Director, Energy Efficiency Finance Policy

    Bob leads IMT's work to develop and expand energy efficiency financing solutions for homes and commercial buildings. This includes legislative initiatives such as the SAVE Act, a proposal co-developed by IMT to factor energy cost savings into residential underwriting standards and home appraisal practices.

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    Robert Sahadi
  • Todd Sims Program Associate

    Todd supports IMT's work on building energy codes and legislative issues.

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    Todd Sims
  • Adam Sledd Program Director, Commercial Real Estate Engagement

    Adam works to engage public- and private-sector stakeholders in developing nationally recognized standards for green leasing practices.

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    Adam Sledd
  • Katie Weeks Director of Communications

    Katie Weeks is IMT’s Director of Communications. As such, she leads the organization’s communications efforts, overseeing strategy, messaging, and branding across IMT’s core programs. She also coordinates communications programs with IMT’s key partners and joint initiatives, such as the City Energy Project, a collaboration of IMT and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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    Katie Weeks
  • Amberli Young Program Associate

    Amberli is a program associate working with IMT's Building Energy Performance Policy program.

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    Amberli Young