Energy use is one of the largest operating expenses in commercial, retail, and industrial buildings, costing building owners and tenants billions of dollars annually. For real estate leaders, high-performance buildings are no longer just about “doing the right thing.” Active building energy management demonstrates strong and sound portfolio management.

Outside of the direct lower operating expenses reaped by improving efficiency, research shows that high-performance buildings have higher occupancy rates and increased asset value compared to less-efficient peers. Improvements in energy efficiency can also contribute to tenant and occupant retention and satisfaction, as well as progress toward corporate sustainability goals (further aiding in attraction and retention). Not to mention that investments in efficiency pay for themselves over time.

IMT Understands How Efficiency Intersects with Business

IMT’s experts are well-versed in the real estate life cycle, as well as the constraints that hamper property managers, building owners, tenants, and investors from more fully investing in efficiency. Our guidance takes these realities into account and helps decision makers incorporate smart energy solutions into their normal business practices, whether done as part of a normal capital improvement plan, incorporated into tenant fit-out processes, or replacing broken or outdated equipment with more-efficient models.

“IMT was vital in the research and development of financial management tools and guides that give our community of retail energy professionals the information they need to strategically acquire and deploy capital for energy and sustainability efforts. Getting these projects off the ground helps them generate savings and improve the bottom line.”

– Erin Hiatt, Director of Energy, Sustainability & Research, Retail Industry Leaders Association

Making Efficiency Standard Operating Procedure

Every day, IMT’s experts uncover and help deploy innovative and existing models and programs that are proven to unleash the full potential of more energy-efficient buildings. We work to improve building performance and resilience while simultaneously unlocking billions of dollars in investment, creating thousands of jobs, and boosting businesses’ bottom lines across the country. This includes deep expertise in:

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