We need buildings to keep us healthy, as well as operate efficiently and at low cost. A new systems approach, Very High Efficiency HVAC, makes it possible to reduce energy while delivering 100% fresh air.

IMT is supporting deployment of very high-efficiency HVAC systems that dramatically increase the air quality in buildings while simultaneously reducing energy use. In a highly-documented, eight-building pilot conducted by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, HVAC energy savings ranged from 48% to 89% and averaged 70%.

Other people in areas that hadn’t yet been converted kept asking, “When are we getting our air fixed?”

Ryan McCormick
Chief Engineer, Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

IMT is now recruiting participants for demonstration projects being conducted in New York state (read one-page overview), the Chicago area, and other parts of the country. Beyond the benefits of healthier indoor environments and greatly reduced energy bills, the goal is to document that VHE HVAC is cost-effective in a wide range of commercial building types and climates. If we succeed, commercial real estate owners will have a tremendous new option as they look to recover from the effects of the pandemic and simultaneously reduce building-related carbon emissions. 

  • It’s a smarter approach to energy use.
  • It’s a critical tool in creating healthier, more comfortable buildings. 
  • It’s the future of HVAC.

Where VHE HVAC works

The VHE HVAC approach is a total system replacement. It is applicable to commercial buildings of all sizes, both new and existing, that are heated and cooled with packaged unitary equipment, typically found on relatively low-rise buildings. Excellent applications are existing office, retail, lodging, and educational buildings.

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