At IMT, we know that more efficient buildings can produce billions of dollars in cost savings and economic investment, create thousands of jobs, improve the relationship between our buildings and our well-being, and measurably address global climate challenges. Achieving this requires wide-scale deployment of effective intervention strategies that better integrate efficiency into standard day-to-day business.

IMT works with key stakeholders to help them make buildings more efficient. Grounded in the practicalities of real estate, IMT is a recognized industry leader in synthesizing market intelligence with strategic guidance and tactics such as improved landlord-tenant engagement, varied financing options, and actionable stakeholder education. We effectively engage a wide range of market actors across the entire lifecycle of a building—from acquisition through operations to disposition—to explore, deploy, and refine new and existing models and programs that are proven to:

  • Improve business performance for owners and tenants through efficient buildings using tactics such as guidance and model company practices for building upgrades and maintenance, and high-performance leasing for tenant spaces.
  • Make the business case for efficiency in real estate through property valuation and stakeholder training via research to document the relationship between buildings’ energy efficiency and financial performance, as well as training modules for brokers, appraisers, and lenders.
  • Connect policymakers at all levels of government with the real estate, energy service, and finance sectors to produce informed and successful building energy policies and programs that produce positive results. IMT meets government decision makers where they are and assesses local market conditions and opportunities for efficiency, identifies specific stakeholders to engage, and recommend evidence-based solutions and a customized plan to maximize efficiency while addressing other, non-energy priorities.
  • Increase business opportunities for efficiency service providers via increased investment in efficiency. IMT provides market insights and identifies gaps and opportunities to improve the effectiveness of market outreach to commercial and multifamily buildings owners for service providers and utilities. .

Let’s Get to Work

IMT is practical, results-oriented, and dynamic. We always push ourselves and others to lay the foundation for more-informed business decisions while continuously raising the bar higher. Contact us today to connect with an IMT expert to see how we can help you.


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