IMT is the leading organization driving action—and unlocking the vast rewards—of efficient buildings. Our communications staff can connect you with a trusted, industry-respected, and non-partisan IMT expert today.

IMT staff are nationally recognized experts in efficiency and high-performance buildings, including:

  • Making the business case for efficiency investments, including the economic, environmental, and social benefits of more-efficient buildings
  • Creating market demand and competition via local, regional, state, and federal policies and programs that improve building efficiency
  • Proving return on investment in building efficiency and overcoming current barriers that prevent owners and tenants from taking action to save energy and resources
  • Comparing buildings’ efficiency in the U.S. against other countries as well as across America’s cities, states, and regional jurisdictions
  • Improving efficiency and resilience via building energy code development, adoption, and compliance
  • Bringing the right public- and private-sector stakeholders to the table to maximize efficiency returns and benefits
  • Deploying energy efficiency finance tools and strategies to better factor building performance into property and asset value

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