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February 2, 2023 Blog Post

What's happening with energy codes this year
Cherylyn Kelley
January 20, 2023 Blog Post

How does the National BPS Coalition work? IMT’s Tara Brown and Rajiv Ravulapati have been on the ground with the Coalition members, and offered their insights.
Tara Brown , Rajiv Ravulapati
December 16, 2022 Blog Post

Benchmark 8760 - named for the number of hours in a year - hopes to push the building industry to get more granular in their data tracking.
Ben Silverman , Jake Duncan , Molly Dee-Ramasamy
December 16, 2022 Blog Post

Marla Thalheimer explores how owners, contractors, service providers and more can find new opportunities from the latest building performance standards.
Marla Thalheimer
December 16, 2022 Blog Post

The new Federal BPS could greatly impact electrification of the nation's building stock. Amy Boyce digs into the policy's aims and where it can go further.
Amy Boyce