Fighting climate change at the local level means taking serious steps to reduce carbon emissions generated by buildings. Understanding this, leading edge cities are shifting to mandatory policies. The most powerful of these is a building performance standard (BPS).

As a leader in building performance policy, IMT is on the ground helping cities explore, develop and execute these policies. Along the way, we are producing a range of helpful guidance documents for jurisdictions interested in exploring this next step in climate action. They are compiled below for easy reference.

Building Performance Standards: A powerful new tool in the fight against climate change

This two-page fact sheet lays out the basics of building performance standards, new mandatory policies that require building owners to meet performance targets by actively improving the energy performance of their building over time.

Preparing for Building Policy: Understanding the Business of Real Estate

This resource aims to enhance city personnel perspectives on how the real estate industry functions—including how different market actors work together throughout the various phases of a building’s lifecycle—and foster more meaningful conversations with stakeholders.

Providing Local Market Support for a Building Performance Standard

For cities exploring and implementing building performance standards, a high-performance building hub provides critical guidance, technical assistance, or access to available incentives to building owners, designers, contractors, and operators.

Using Building Performance Standards to Advance Electrification

Electrification is a key component of a comprehensive city decarbonization strategy. How can cities use building performance standards to advance electrification?

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