We believe in the power of buildings to improve lives. To make this a reality, how buildings are valued, owned, operated, and regulated must prioritize community needs.

Our Community Engagement Values


IMT is committed to helping advance an equitable, Just Transition by driving the co-development of building-focused public policy, real estate business practices, and utility and grid regulations that identify and address the challenges, priorities, and aspirations of frontline communities through meaningful community engagement. We seek to:

Act in solidarity. 

IMT respects the lived experience of the communities in which we and our partners work and works to incorporated this experience into policy development processes.

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Advocate for engagement.

IMT advocates for government, business, and utility partners to engage with communities deeply and frequently.

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Create a culture of care.

IMT works to create internal and external cultures that respect individuals and their lived experiences.

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Engage with intention and understanding.

IMT commits to clearly understanding the issues in which we work and the languages used by different stakeholders to create informed and intentional solutions.

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Use power for good.

IMT seeks to redistribute its power to give community members a platform for their voices and to incorporate their input into policy recommendations.


How IMT Partners with Communities to Drive Change

IMT advocates for policymaking processes that prioritize community accessibility and engagement from the beginning to identify priorities and co-design solutions. We work to give lived experience a greater seat at the table, acknowledge past harm and identify solutions to address systemic inequities, and are committed to increasing knowledge of community-wide impacts of energy-related policymaking.

IMT is committed to balancing uneven power dynamics in energy-related policy work, leveraging and distributing its resources and power to increase community power and representation in building regulation design and implementation. As such, we connect community-based leaders with policymakers and help  identify community priority areas for research to improve policy development.

IMT seeks to close the gaps in climate vulnerability by increasing the direct participation of impacted communities in policy design and implementation, recognizing that those community members most affected by climate change often lack the political, economic, and technical resources needed to advocate for solutions. We provide capacity building and technical assistance to support community-led change and deploy IMT’s technical expertise to incorporate community needs and goals into policy recommendations.

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