IMT envisions a world in which buildings are efficiently and positively transforming our physical, social, and economic well-being. To achieve this requires creating widespread and sustained demand for high-performing buildings and lasting improvements in how buildings consume resources such as energy and water. This requires deft combination of two key elements: strategic interventions that better integrate efficiency into standard business practices, and significantly increasing market demand for efficient buildings. IMT is an expert in this type of collaboration.


“Achieving California’s aggressive clean energy goals requires rolling up our collective sleeves to find, test and scale solutions that work in actual practice for local communities. We can always count on IMT to bring innovative-and grounded, well informed, and technically sound-ideas to the table”

—J. Andrew McAllister, Commissioner, California Energy Commission

What makes IMT effective is the marriage of our deep understanding of the real barriers to incorporating energy efficiency into business practices with our experience harnessing market drivers that enable investment in efficiency and recognize and increase overall demand. These drivers include:

  • Building Energy Codes
    Improving energy code adoption and compliance is central to IMT’s DNA, dating back to the organization’s genesis more than two decades ago. IMT collaborates with national and regional organizations worldwide to spread better building codes through code design, development, and training, research, and outreach for code compliance and implementation. 
  • Building Performance Policies and Programs
    From advocating for increased access to critical building performance data to establishing incentives to bolster efficiency at the local level via challenge programs to requiring action on efficiency, building performance policies and programs effectively drive awareness of and demand for efficient buildings by both beginners and front-runners alike. For example, evidence indicates that benchmarking and transparency policies catalyze utility expenditure reductions of about 3 percent and global organizations that track and analyze their energy use report taking three times more energy efficiency actions than those that do not regularly track energy use. IMT’s staff of experts in public policy, real estate, advocacy, and government operations specialize in policies and programs that increase market demand.
  • Bringing the Right Stakeholders to the Table
    To fully unlock the potential of efficient buildings, we must help key stakeholders work together to create and implement solutions that achieve maximum impact at a rapid pace and wider scale. IMT is a recognized national leader in assembling these players at the optimal times to make significant collective progress. Examples in action include the City Energy Project and Small Business Energy Initiative.

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