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December 7, 2012 | Lotte Schlegel

At IMT, we work to create the conditions for market investment in energy efficiency. That means we need a team of thought leaders – experts in their field who can identify creative solutions to increasing the energy efficiency of buildings, and who can communicate effectively about those solutions.

Today we have several job openings posted on our website. As someone who has worked here for four years and seen the growth of IMT, I want to take the opportunity to describe our culture and what you can expect working here.

There are many stakeholders involved in decision-making over the life of a building (see my blog post What Is IMT All About?). Much like a member of a team that’s designing and constructing a building, to be successful at IMT, you need to think about your work in the context of a bigger picture and be curious about finding practical, targeted solutions to improve energy efficiency.

Because of the nature of our work and the diversity of the expertise among our colleagues – in architecture, finance, green building policy, urban planning, and real estate – IMT is a collaborative, results-oriented environment where there is always something to learn.

Learning and adapting are crucial to IMT’s work. Our staff members are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities for professional development – both formal (trainings and seminars) and informal, such as conferences and speaking events that help us understand the context of our work and absorb the knowledge and perspective of our partners.

To give you some examples, my colleague Sarah Stellberg began at IMT as a Program Associate fairly fresh out of college. She learned on the job, contributing her analytical and quantitative skills to several IMT programs. Over time, she gained responsibilities and was promoted to the position of Program Manager, Research and Policy Analysis.

When I asked her about why she came to IMT and what it’s like for her to work here, Sarah told me, “I have a lot more opportunities at IMT than I would have at other organizations – both in terms of responsibilities and exposure. IMT works on a lot of different issues within building energy efficiency, approaching the work from different angles, and as a result, I’ve been able to wear several different hats."

"We have the support of a good Executive Director and management team, and we can lean on people from diverse professional backgrounds: finance, business, right out of school. Everyone approaches problems in a different way and that helps us to develop good ideas.”

While IMT is one of Sarah’s first professional experiences, Bob Sahadi, our Director of Finance Policy, is experiencing (as he likes to say) his “encore” career. “IMT is a diverse group of people – young, old, with different backgrounds and from different disciplines. We come together with one purpose: to transform the way buildings use energy. This position has been an opportunity for me, a corporate retiree, to bring 30 years of financial experience to the organization, as well as to learn from others about building practices, technology, and other aspects of energy efficiency.”

Sarah, Bob, and each of my other colleagues are the people who make it possible for IMT to achieve our vision and carry out successful, practical policy strategies to reduce the energy consumption of buildings.    

I invite you to have a look at the job openings on our website. We are looking for bright, analytical, dedicated individuals to join our team. If you’re interested in transformational change, email us at jobs@imt.org.

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