Technology is crucial for improving the way that we interact with buildings and the planet. Check out our resources below to see how IMT is taking advantage of technology to implement energy saving solutions in buildings across the country.

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Using Data to Visualize Climate Action Benefits

This staff profile features IMT alum, Andrew Feierman, former IMT Program Manager for Private Engagement, who discusses some of his current work with data for the TRASE program at the Stockholm Environment Institute.

Why Landlords Should Take the Lead On Installing Submeter Technology

IMT’s Landlord-Tenant Energy Partnership puts a spotlight on the top five reasons for landlords to install submeters, as well as successful submetering programs being implemented by real estate companies, and insights from leading energy solution providers.

Putting Data to Work: Implementation Guide for Energy Efficiency Program Administrators

Using Building-Level Data to Improve Energy Efficiency Across the U.S., an increasing number of cities, counties, and states are examining building performance benchmarking and transparency as a critical step in addressing building energy and water use. These energy benchmarking and transparency requirements generate new and robust building-level datasets, and staff of utilities and contractors who … Continued

How to Choose the Right Energy Management Information System

Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS) consist of a broad set of tools and services that give building owners, facility managers, energy managers, and commercial property management companies the information required to measure, manage, and enhance building performance. When used in alignment with other energy management best practices, EMIS can lower a building’s energy use by … Continued

Transforming the Market Through Energy Management Information Systems

To fully unlock building energy savings potential through energy management information systems (EMIS), commercial real estate professionals need better education on what the technology is and how to use it effectively. Today’s EMIS market is saturated with products, leaving potential adopters in a state of confusion about which product would work best for them. This … Continued