By retrofitting a building, building owners and management teams can achieve substantial energy improvements and cost savings. To learn more about the benefits of retrofits or how to get started, check out our collection of resources below.

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Retrofit Chicago Celebrates Energy Efficiency All-Stars of 2019

Retrofit Chicago participants pushed the envelope on energy efficiency and climate action in 2019, with two building teams achieving an impressive 35% energy reduction in their properties. Across all 99 member properties, building teams now average a 19% energy reduction, equal to annual savings of over $19 million a year. As Chicago continues its steady … Continued

Should I Stay or Should I Go: The Embodied Carbon of Buildings

Improving the efficiency of new and existing buildings is a crucial strategy for cities and states that are charting a path to decrease carbon emissions and meet ambitious climate goals. But what about the materials that are being used to construct and retrofit buildings? Fabricating the materials that comprise buildings—like concrete, steel, and windows—also releases … Continued

Foster Green Investments: The Virtues of Energy-Efficient Building Upgrades

This article originally appeared in the April 2018 issue of the Scotsman Guide (Commercial Edition).    For commercial property owners, investing in energy efficiency is increasingly moving from a nice-to-have perk to a must-deploy business tool.   As energy costs and estimates of energy use within the United States continue to rise, so, too, will … Continued

Financing Energy Efficiency Through Mortgage Loans

For decades, mortgage loans have been the primary means of financing residential and commercial building ownership.The lending community’s use of traditional, multi-year loans for both commercial and multifamily properties alike spread costs over a long period to lessen financial burden for buyers, but until recently, building owners who sought a more energy-efficient building needed to … Continued

High-Performance Buildings and Property Value

High-performance commercial buildings (often described as "green") are becoming increasingly common in the marketplace. Recognizing this market growth, this guide aims to help lenders understand the valuation of high-performance buildings. As a companion piece to the 2013 primer Green Building and Property Value, this report examines the relationship between lenders and appraisers and how green features … Continued