As climate change impacts cities across the world, creating resilient communities and buildings is more important than ever before. Check out our resources below on resiliency.

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Rising to the Challenge

To our partners, colleagues, and stakeholders: As we wrap up 2019, I’d like to pause for a moment to reflect on recent accomplishments and discuss how the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) is approaching some big changes I see emerging in the decade ahead.  As many of you know, I was thrilled to step into … Continued

It Is Time to Act

Now is the time to act differently and at a pace at which we have not acted before.

How Cities and Utilities Can Form Partnership Agreements to Accelerate Climate Action

Partnerships are powerful. From multinational climate change efforts down to neighborhood recycling and composting initiatives, combining skills and capacity makes any undertaking more manageable. For cities looking to take meaningful climate action, partnering with their utilities is a smart strategy. Take the city of Denver, Colorado for example. Denver recently entered into a formal partnership with … Continued

The PUC Perspective on a New Era for Local Governments and Public Utilities Commissions

Diversity in perspective is key to robust decision-making. Bringing together a robust set of stakeholders to workshop a problem can uncover new solutions that might have not been otherwise identified. This holds true in many areas, but especially in regulatory environments, where affordability, environmental concerns, resilience, public health and safety, and equity of access may … Continued

Why Building Codes Make Our Cities and Communities More Resilient

The number, frequency, and intensity of disasters affecting U.S. cities is growing. From floods and fires to sub-zero cold snaps and extreme heat, it seems like every week we are provided with another example of why communities need more tools to ensure they are more resilient, prepared for weather-related disruptions, and can quickly recover. The … Continued

Museums Embrace Resiliency

“Whether they are historic landmarks or contemporary icons, museums often serve as engines of economic regeneration.  IAMFA’s more than 200 members, with over 100 million sqft (9.29 million square meters) around the world, are supporting thriving communities and connecting people with culture,” said Nancy Bechtol, President of the International Association of Museum Facility Administrators (IAMFA). A … Continued

IMT 2016 Annual Report Case Study: Creating Win-Win Solutions

By focusing on the top user of energy in the U.S.—buildings—IMT strives to help people save money, increase property value and make buildings more affordable, drive economic growth, reduce harmful pollution and tackle climate change, and live and work in healthy, resilient cities. Our progress on this work is captured in an interactive 2016 Annual … Continued