IMT's landlord-tenant partnership resources help landlords and tenants understand the value of energy efficiency and highlight some key strategies for breaking down existing barriers. Check out these resources below.

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Why Every Building Owner and Tenant Needs a Health and Wellness Strategy

Tenant satisfaction and employee retention help make a strong case for investing in a health and wellness strategy that aligns with energy efficiency and sustainability goals for commercial & retail properties. A couple years ago I was a long-time resident of New York City. Like many commuters, I chose to ride my bike six miles … Continued

Why Landlords Should Take the Lead On Installing Submeter Technology

IMT’s Landlord-Tenant Energy Partnership puts a spotlight on the top five reasons for landlords to install submeters, as well as successful submetering programs being implemented by real estate companies, and insights from leading energy solution providers.

Landlord-Tenant Energy Partnership Launches to Unlock Billions of Dollars in Energy Savings

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Katie Weeks, IMT, 202-525-2883, x306 / Caroline Stec, RILA, 703-600-2082 / Stephanie Cegielski, ICSC, 646-728-3572 / Coordinated national effort will empower commercial building landlords and tenants to improve energy efficiency in billions of square feet of leased space and reap up to $5 billion in annual energy savings. … Continued

Green Leasing Questionnaire for Tenants

IMT and the Rocky Mountain Institute created this downloadable questionnaire for commercial tenants to quickly assess the status of a landlord’s sustainable building features and operations currently in place within the premises. The questionnaire will help tenants ensure site performance is in alignment with corporate sustainability goals. Using this tool will assist tenants in estimating … Continued

Deep Retrofit Value (DRV) Green Leasing Tool

IMT and the Rocky Mountain Institute recently developed a Deep Retrofit Value Green Leasing Tool to help both tenants and tenant representatives better estimate the business value of sustainable office spaces beyond energy cost savings. This will help tenants determine how much they might be willing to pay per square foot for a sustainable office … Continued

NEO Realty Group Green Lease Case Study

Proving a Small Business Can Be a Leader in Green Leasing Based in Northeastern Ohio, NEO Realty Group is a vertically-integrated real estate company that manages or owns properties in four counties in the Cleveland metropolitan area and is one of eleven companies to be named a 2015 Green Lease Leader—a designation created by IMT … Continued

Building the Case for Green Leases

Green leasing (also known as energy-aligned, high-performance, or energy-efficient leasing) aligns the financial and environmental goals of landlords and tenants to work together to save money, conserve resources, and ensure the efficient operation of buildings. IMT helps engage leasing stakeholders on best practices, provides useful resources through, and offers brokers and tenants in the … Continued