Green leasing, or “energy-aligned leasing,” resolves the split-incentive problem faced by landlords and tenants in traditional commercial leases to allow both parties to reap the benefits of energy efficiency investments. Below is a collection of IMT’s green leasing resources.

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Overcoming the Six Biggest Hurdles to Better Energy and Sustainability Performance in Leased Retail Spaces

The retail industry has endured years of bumps and bruises from store closures, shrinking capital, and operational budgets. Added pressures from investors, consumers, and watchdogs who call out bad actors on regulatory and environmental misdeeds are leading retail companies large and small to change the way they do business. Forward-thinking companies are navigating this turbulent … Continued

How Can Cities Help Class B and C Building Owners Optimize Their Energy Performance?

Research from Carnegie Mellon University reveals some of the biggest roadblocks preventing class B and C building owners from investing in energy efficiency. Here’s a look at the top three challenges and what cities should consider as they aim to reduce building emissions, revitalize infrastructure, and help owners take action. Class B and C buildings … Continued

Why Every Building Owner and Tenant Needs a Health and Wellness Strategy

Tenant satisfaction and employee retention help make a strong case for investing in a health and wellness strategy that aligns with energy efficiency and sustainability goals for commercial & retail properties. A couple years ago I was a long-time resident of New York City. Like many commuters, I chose to ride my bike six miles … Continued

Cleveland Becomes the First City to Earn Green Lease Leaders Recognition

This year, Cleveland continued to build strong climate action momentum by becoming the first city to earn the Green Lease Leader designation. The city’s Chief of Sustainability Matt Gray recognized that green leases are an essential tool to include in Cleveland’s city-wide climate action plans and meet its ambitious greenhouse gas emissions reductions goals.  “Cleveland … Continued