Counties have the ability to implement building performance policies that create healthier, more resilient, energy-efficient communities. Check out our resources for counties below.

The Latest

Energy Opportunity Scan Overview

IMT’s Energy Opportunity Scan helps cities gain a deeper understanding o how these market actors view energy efficiency.

Use Case: Distribution Grid Performance

This use case focuses on distribution grid performance, which helps local governments identify opportunities to improve local reliability and resilience, to improve emergency planning and response, and to encourage targeted investments in distributed energy resources (DERs) for health, safety, and cost reasons.

Use Case: Community-Wide Energy Usage Data

This use case focuses on community-wide energy usage data, which helps local governments calculate carbon emissions, set policy goals, track program progress over time, and identify opportunities for more targeted outreach around priorities like building efficiency.

Use Case: Anonomyzed Energy Usage Profile Data

This use case focuses on anonomyzed energy usage profile data, which helps local governments understand energy usage trends within the community that may inform the development of energy policies and programs.

Use Case: Whole-Building Energy Data

This use case focuses on whole-building energy data, which helps building owners understand and improve building energy performance.

Sharing Data to Motivate Action

Sharing Data to Motivate Action is intended to help implementers of benchmarking and transparency policies understand the latest techniques for developing energy benchmarking scorecards, also called energy benchmarking profiles, which present energy data to building owners as actionable information to encourage investment in efficiency.

Managing Benchmarking Data Quality

Managing Benchmarking Data Quality was written to help  benchmarking policy implementers understand current best practices for managing data gathered from ordinances in states, counties, and cities across the U.S.