Counties have the ability to implement building performance policies that create healthier, more resilient, energy-efficient communities. Check out our resources for counties below.

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City Energy Project: Tips for Delivering Testimony

As proposed policies move through the approval process in a city, public testimony may be requested in favor or against legislation. This guide summarizes tips for delivering testimony as well as coordinating that of stakeholders. 

City Energy Project: Stakeholder Meeting Invite Template

This resource serves as an invite template for inviting stakeholders to participate in meetings and public forums. Cities can also use this template to get started on creating a customized invitation. 

City Energy Project: Leading the Way

This guide outlines all the key strategies for implementing a robust municipal energy efficiency plan and offers concise recommendations and insights to improve public buildings in your jurisdictions. 

The PUC Perspective on a New Era for Local Governments and Public Utilities Commissions

Diversity in perspective is key to robust decision-making. Bringing together a robust set of stakeholders to workshop a problem can uncover new solutions that might have not been otherwise identified. This holds true in many areas, but especially in regulatory environments, where affordability, environmental concerns, resilience, public health and safety, and equity of access may … Continued