Henrietta Davis

Henrietta Davis is the former Mayor of Cambridge, Mass. Prior to her time as Mayor, she served eight terms on the Cambridge City Council, acting as the City’s Vice Mayor twice during that time. Mayor Davis is a former Chair of the Cambridge City Council’s Environment Committee, past Chair of the National League of Cities’ Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Committee, and a former member of the Massachusetts Municipal Association Energy and Environmental Policy Committee.

Mayor Davis is a long-time advocate of energy efficiency and the environment. During her time in government, she was a key leader in the Cambridge City Council’s adoption of a green building policy for all new city buildings, and proposed that new school buildings be built to net-zero standards. As Mayor, she led the charge to found the Cambridge Compact for a Sustainable Future—a collaboration between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, and many of the city’s leading businesses. This organization is dedicated to working together to address climate change with a focus on energy use in buildings.

Mayor Davis is now a member of the Cambridge Net Zero Task Force, a municipal advisory committee that is developing a long-term plan to reduce carbon emissions, with the goal of achieving zero emissions by 2050 through energy efficiency and the generation of renewable energy.

Mayor Davis graduated from the University of Rochester, and holds a Master’ Degree in Social Planning from Boston College and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. In addition to her legislative work, Mayor Davis worked as a neighborhood planner and a freelance journalist, and served four terms on the Cambridge School Committee.

Henrietta Davis

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