Caroline Keicher

Caroline leads IMT’s outreach and advocacy activities related to the development of legislative and regulatory policy for building energy performance. She provides policy support and technical guidance to policymakers and government agencies, as well as outreach to stakeholders in the the real estate, utility, and energy services sectors.

Caroline holds an M.Sc. in Climate Change and Sustainable Development from De Montfort University in Leicester, England. Her graduate studies focused on energy efficiency in the built environment and the analysis of time series energy consumption data in local schools.

Caroline previously worked on the Sierra Club’s Global Warming and Energy Team, advocating for an increase in federal fuel economy (CAFE) standards for vehicles, and as the South Atlantic Regional Organizer for the Marine Fish Conservation Network. She is a graduate of Green Corps’ Field School for Environmental Organizing and received bachelor’s degrees in Environmental Science and Zoology, summa cum laude, from the University of Florida. As a North Carolinian, she has strong convictions regarding vinegar-based bbq sauce and sweet tea.

Caroline Keicher
Manager of City Engagement, City Energy Project
(202)525-2883 x302

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