Amy Jewel

Through the City Energy Project, a joint initiative of IMT and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) to improve buildings’ efficiency in 20 U.S. cities, IMT has hired expert staff to assist cities with their energy efficiency initiatives. City Advisors work directly with city employees in local government offices. They provide essential support in developing and implementing each city’s tailored efficiency plan. As part of the City Energy Project network, the advisors share best practices and learn from each other’s experience..

Amy Jewel is the City Energy Project City Advisor in Chicago. Amy supports ongoing work with the Chicago Office of the Mayor to increase energy efficiency through efforts such as the Chicago Benchmarking & Transparency Ordinance and ongoing energy code compliance improvements. Prior to joining IMT in 2014, Amy worked as a private sector consultant and helped develop energy policies and Climate Action Plans for over two dozen local governments. In other previous positions, she served as an environmental educator and also worked as a fundraiser for a small nonprofit organization.

Amy Jewel
City Energy Project City Advisor, City of Chicago

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