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Green Bonds Primer

Bonds are the largest source of capital in the global market. Bond labeling has been a popular tool since bonds were created. Labeled bonds have been used to fund the railroad, aircraft, highway, and war industries. Many of the financiers and investors who offer bonds are interested in the environmental impact of the projects they … Continued

Energy Performance Contracts Primer

Energy Performance Contract EPCs are one of the most successful and long-standing financing mechanisms specifically for energy efficiency. Although most EPCs to date have been used to fund government efficiency projects, they have also worked effectively for the private sector. EPCs are typically designed so that the value of energy savings is split between the … Continued

Energy Service Agreements Primer

Energy Service Agreement An Energy Service Agreement (ESA) is a pay-for-performance, off-balance sheet financing solution that allows customers to implement energy efficiency projects with zero upfront capital expenditure. Through the ESA, the ESA provider pays for all project development and construction costs. Once a project is operational, the customer makes service charge payments for actual … Continued

Deep Retrofit Value (DRV) Green Leasing Tool

IMT and the Rocky Mountain Institute recently developed a Deep Retrofit Value Green Leasing Tool to help both tenants and tenant representatives better estimate the business value of sustainable office spaces beyond energy cost savings. This will help tenants determine how much they might be willing to pay per square foot for a sustainable office … Continued

Green Leasing Questionnaire for Tenants

IMT and the Rocky Mountain Institute created this downloadable questionnaire for commercial tenants to quickly assess the status of a landlord’s sustainable building features and operations currently in place within the premises. The questionnaire will help tenants ensure site performance is in alignment with corporate sustainability goals. Using this tool will assist tenants in estimating … Continued

IMT 2015 Annual Report: Printable Version

For more than 20 years, IMT has worked toward a future in which all buildings are highly efficient, and our progress toward this goal is captured in our 2015 Annual Report.

Increasing Tenant Engagement Through Plug Load Management

Plug and process loads (PPLs) consume about one-third of energy in commercial buildings. They can range from electronic devices and kitchen appliances to computers and other equipment that is commonly found in office buildings. These loads are often neglected by property owners seeking to lower utilities, while tenants have the most ability to control this … Continued

Putting Data to Work: ACEEE Summer Study Paper

Orignially published in August 2016, this paper was the precursor to the Putting Data to Work toolkit that was released in February 2018. Putting Data to Work: Using Building Energy Performance Data to Expand the Market for Energy Efficiency in Buildings An increasing number of state and local jurisdictions are implementing building performance reporting laws, which generate … Continued

Energy-Efficient Lighting: A Bright Investment

Designed to help home builders promote their investment in energy-efficient lighting, this resource from IMT highlights the benefits offered to homeowners from market offerings. It is designed to be used as part of a home builder’s collateral set in marketing new homes to potential buyers. Developed as part of the organization’s work on code development, … Continued

NEO Realty Group Green Lease Case Study

Proving a Small Business Can Be a Leader in Green Leasing Based in Northeastern Ohio, NEO Realty Group is a vertically-integrated real estate company that manages or owns properties in four counties in the Cleveland metropolitan area and is one of eleven companies to be named a 2015 Green Lease Leader—a designation created by IMT … Continued