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Empowering Small Businesses: Energy Symposium Report-Out

Chambers of commerce and similar organizations are trusted thought leaders and primary connectors to small businesses. They have the power to effectively work with their members as well as key energy efficiency influencers such as utilities, banks, and local governments to ignite greater interest and investment in building performance and secure deeper savings in hard-to-reach … Continued

Evaluating Energy Code Compliance in Cities

The City Energy Project Code Compliance Assessment Methodology for Medium and Large Cities is designed to assist medium to large cities in identifying residential and commercial energy code compliance issues and help identify the areas that each jurisdiction should focus on in order to improve their compliance rates. The methodology provides an informal energy code … Continued

How to Choose the Right Energy Management Information System

Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS) consist of a broad set of tools and services that give building owners, facility managers, energy managers, and commercial property management companies the information required to measure, manage, and enhance building performance. When used in alignment with other energy management best practices, EMIS can lower a building’s energy use by … Continued

Building a Successful Green Lease Infographic

According to a 2015 study by IMT, green, also known as “energy-aligned” or “high-performance” leasing can save the U.S. office market $3.3 billion annually and reduce a commercial building’s utility bills up to 22 percent. Knowing the potential savings and benefits that  green leasing delivers, IMT and the DC Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU) worked together … Continued

7 Easy Steps to an Energy-Efficient Apartment

7 Easy Steps to an Energy-Efficient Apartment is your guide to simple, energy-saving solutions in your space. IMT created this resource in partnership with the District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU).

Financing Energy Efficiency Through Mortgage Loans

For decades, mortgage loans have been the primary means of financing residential and commercial building ownership.The lending community’s use of traditional, multi-year loans for both commercial and multifamily properties alike spread costs over a long period to lessen financial burden for buyers, but until recently, building owners who sought a more energy-efficient building needed to … Continued

Overview of Utility Engagement Issues

This report was produced by IMT for the Pacific Coast Collaborative, which sets a cooperative direction in key policy areas of mutual interest among North America’s West Coast jurisdictions including California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.

Guide to External Financing for Energy Efficiency in Retail

Few investments are as overwhelmingly beneficial as energy projects: they reduce operating expenses, improve budget forecasting, build confidence among socially responsible investors, and strengthen brands. In addition to internal financing opportunities (documented in this companion Internal Financing Guide), there are many innovative external financing solutions and strategies to accomplish sustainability goals when internal capital proves too difficult … Continued