Multifamily housing in the United States represents a significant portion of U.S. homes, with 12 percent of the country—almost 18.5 million households and close to 38 million residents—renting housing in buildings with five or more units. And yet, many multifamily buildings are inefficient, preventing owners and managers, governments, efficiency implementers, residents, and financiers from reaping a wide range of economic and environmental benefits. IMT’s work includes exploring how public policy and programs, alongside changes in real estate ownership and management, can change this. Check out our multifamily-specific resources below.

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IMT 2020 Annual Report

One year into a decade that demands critical, widespread action, IMT’s annual report pauses to take stock of how we pushed for higher-performing buildings in 2020. You can also access past annual reports at

Catalyzing Market Transformation: Jessica Miller

Jessica Miller, IMT Specialist for Public-Private Strategy and Engagement, shares why cross-sector collaboration is key to achieving national and local climate and building energy reduction goals. What do you value most about building energy efficiency and high-performance buildings? I first got into this field out of an interest in architectural history. I love cities and … Continued

7 Easy Steps to an Energy-Efficient Apartment

7 Easy Steps to an Energy-Efficient Apartment is your guide to simple, energy-saving solutions in your space. IMT created this resource in partnership with the District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU).