While high-performance buildings offer many benefits to owners, tenants, and their communities, many building owners continue to struggle to access financing for energy efficiency projects. IMT’s finance resources explore various financing tools and models available for cities, building owners and tenants, and utilities, among other entities. Scroll through our blogs and resources below.

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Empowering Small Businesses: Energy Symposium Report-Out

Chambers of commerce and similar organizations are trusted thought leaders and primary connectors to small businesses. They have the power to effectively work with their members as well as key energy efficiency influencers such as utilities, banks, and local governments to ignite greater interest and investment in building performance and secure deeper savings in hard-to-reach … Continued

Financing Energy Efficiency Through Mortgage Loans

For decades, mortgage loans have been the primary means of financing residential and commercial building ownership.The lending community’s use of traditional, multi-year loans for both commercial and multifamily properties alike spread costs over a long period to lessen financial burden for buyers, but until recently, building owners who sought a more energy-efficient building needed to … Continued