Brokers are often the first stop in any real estate transaction, serving as connective tissue between property owners and tenants. As such, they have the ability to greatly influence how building owners and tenants approach and invest in energy efficiency. However, knowledge gaps on the bottom-line impact of building performance and lack of focus on energy upgrades during transactions commonly create road blocks to realizing lower operating costs, increased asset value, improved tenant satisfaction and well-being, and more.

To solve this problem, IMT turns commercial real estate agents into efficiency assets by designing and delivering targeted education resources and programs that help brokers understand how energy-efficient buildings deliver additional value to both themselves and their clients.

  • IMT helps all parties involved in a real estate transaction understand how to discuss efficiency across all phases of the process and deploy brokers effectively. We are the dominant industry leader for high-performance leasing, overseeing the comprehensive Green Lease Library and the well-respected Green Lease Leader program, which sets industry standards for green leases and recognizes property owners, tenants, and brokers who effectively modernize lease language to account for energy efficiency and sustainability.
  • Building on IMT’s established knowledge and connections in high-performance building policies, we help brokers and real estate agents navigate the increasingly complicated world of green building legislation, certifications, and codes and the associated business impacts and benefits. Approved in 11 states and used to educate thousands of brokers across the U.S., IMT’s broker education efforts examine market trends such as LEED and ENERGY STAR certification systems, explore the business side of efficiency on a building’s net operating income and market value, and provide technical guidance on enhanced building performance strategies that can be executed in a building. The result is a comprehensive business case for better addressing building performance in real estate transactions.

“When it comes to educating commercial real estate service professionals about why they should take energy into consideration in their business, IMT’s resources are indispensable. IMT’s expertise in both sustainability and the real estate sector balance the technical with the timely, resulting in approachable, credible content that translates the technical elements of building performance into an understandable business case.”

– Jeffrey Kirks, Kirks Institute

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To learn more about high-performance leasing, green building premiums, and more, visit our Resource Library to access an array of respected publications and tools.

Visit the industry-respected Green Lease Library to access additional case studies, sample high-performance lease language, and the Green Lease Leaders website to learn more about those brokers and real estate companies leading the field in overcoming the split incentive between tenants and landlords to unlock the power of efficiency via the lease.

Ready to learn more about how to better building performance in your broker offerings? Access our on-demand broker education course via the Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Center.

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