IMT is a trusted, nonpartisan advisor for local, regional, state, and federal policymakers. We are known for our expertise in testing innovative new tactics, gathering lessons learned and best practices, and facilitating collaboration between the public and private sectors to advance scalable policies that increase widespread investment in—and return on—energy efficiency.

IMT has deep relationships with local government leaders nationwide, and is often called upon to serve as a trusted advisor to peer-to-peer networks. Through our work with the Urban Sustainability Directors Network, we facilitate Collective Action Groups comprised of cities working to improve their energy efficiency through peer-to-peer sharing enhanced by IMT’s technical support.

We identify energy opportunities based on local conditions and needs. IMT serves cities regardless of their starting point. Whether it’s a stand-alone engagement or working with a city via larger IMT networks such as the City Energy Project or the American Cities Climate Challenge, IMT works with each city to understand local government priorities and goals, assess the opportunity for efficiency in its market, bring the right stakeholders together, and make a customized, concrete plan to achieve climate outcomes that benefit all residents.

We share national and international trends and pioneering efforts. With more than two decades of experience, IMT’s staff have developed extensive networks with policymakers at local, state, and national levels; non-governmental organizations; and commercial real estate actors. This connectedness keeps us easily apprised of the latest developments in energy efficiency and real estate, and we enjoy sharing the innovation of others with our clients and partners.

“Our members are working hard to meet ambitious sustainability goals in municipalities across North America. In working toward these goals, we value IMT’s blend of technical expertise and pragmatic understanding of how local governments operate— a combination that fosters collaboration among our members to develop and share plausible solutions to reduce carbon emissions.”

– Nils Moe, Managing Director, Urban Sustainability Directors Network

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