The building sector is the single largest user of energy in the United States, accounting for roughly 40 percent of total energy consumption and costing Americans more than $400 billion a year. But where is this energy going? There can be many costly unknowns attributed to not tracking and understanding building energy use. Understanding building energy use, as well as monitoring it on a regular and consistent basis—otherwise known as benchmarking—is the first step in harnessing and maximizing potential energy and financial savings.


A growing number of U.S. cities, states, and counties have passed policies requiring benchmarking and transparency for large buildings. In addition, a growing number of these jurisdictions are also addressing additional building performance measures such as audits and retrocomissioning. However, current regulations vary in terms of the types and sizes of buildings they affect and the forms of transparency they require.

To assist interested parties in learning more about benchmarking requirements in their jurisdiction and across the U.S, IMT created, the leading online hub for tools and critical information on building energy and water performance policies throughout the world.

Here, visitors can:

  • Stay current on the latest developments, news, and reports on benchmarking and transparency policies that track and share building energy use data.
  • Search for comprehensive building performance policy information by jurisdiction (city, county, state, or country);
  • Compare policies elements across jurisdictions; and
  • Access additional background information (including policy papers and reports), tools (such as customized maps of benchmarking policy requirements across the U.S.), and current news regarding building performance policies.

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