From rate structures and customer engagement efforts to infrastructure investments and sourcing decisions, utilities play an important role in helping today’s buildings be more efficient. Additionally, energy efficiency provides a valuable role in meeting needs across communities by serving as a cost-effective alternate to expensive transmission and distribution upgrades as well as by improving local energy resilience.

IMT connects customers—be they building owners or managers or city governments—with utilities in ways that foster more frequent and open dialogue and create partnerships that improve utility service delivery and increase efficiency investment for all involved.

State, regional, and local governments are non-traditional utility customers, and IMT works with them to increase engagement with their utilities in order to improve infrastructure investment and meet community needs. For building owners and managers seeking improved utility services, IMT provides hands-on guidance on how to make the business case to a utility (see our webinar in partnership with EEFA and Wishrock on how building owners can ask utilities for data).

Core to this work is helping market actors and government agencies understand how they can use all the tools in their toolbox to engage effectively with utilities at the state level. IMT supports local governments to interact with their utilities and utility regulators around leading-edge topics:

  • Obtaining the information necessary to drive effective climate action
  • Increasing participation in energy efficiency programs
  • Enhancing local resilience and decision making.

For example, we create tools and advice for cities on how to engage with utilities about building performance policies and collaborating around data—often a starting point for deeper interactions. IMT also engages with national associations of regulators, consumer advocates, and state energy offices to support energy data as core to transforming customers’ ability to manage energy.

Let’s Talk Utility Engagement

Today, IMT continues to explore the ways in which we can engage and connect stakeholders with their utilities to increase demand for and access to energy efficiency, and we welcome partners in this endeavor. Contact us to get involved or learn more and be sure to visit our web page on “Increasing Business Opportunities for Energy Efficiency Service Providers” to learn more about how IMT works to amplify the business opportunities afforded by utility energy efficiency programs.


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