Public policy helps set the rules of the market. How will it influence buildings in your community?

Drawing on more than 25 years of experience helping governments at all levels successfully create and deploy building-focused public policy, IMT is the leading nonprofit in ushering in public policy that drives action in buildings.

We have partnered with dozens of policymakers and businesses across the U.S. to create, pass, and implement groundbreaking legislation and building codes that have changed the way energy performance is measured, tracked, and shared in billions of square feet of property. Our market-leading expertise includes understanding where community, business, and government can come together to build better polices and programs, as well as key insights on how current and pending regulation at all levels of government might impact a company’s real estate strategy and operations nationally and locally.

What We Offer

What are your community’s building performance policies? Formerly known at, IMT’s Building Performance Policy Center provides key information at a glance about which U.S. jurisdictions have passed building-focused relationships around tracking and reducing energy use, water use, and carbon emissions.

IMT works hand-in-hand with policymakers across the U.S. to develop new building-focused legislation and code. With this knowledge, we provide expert insight to businesses and communities on how they can get involved in policy development to create win-win solutions for all parties and expand access to the benefits of higher-performing buildings. We are also home to the Energy-Efficient Codes Coalition, which brings together an ever-growing group of building advocates who are committed to improving the energy efficiency of America’s building codes with an eye on net-zero energy construction.

IMT is a leader in creating place-based resources and networks that help business leaders and community members understand what building performance legislation in their city, county, or state means for their properties. This support is especially critical in preparing a community for building performance standards and our flagship Hub, the Building Innovation Hub in Washington, D.C., is an example of how we are helping transform ambition into action.

IMT’s Ally Program is a paid membership program that offers a deeper dive into IMT’s market-leading expertise on building energy and climate policy, including guidance on national buildings climate policy trends; customized regulatory opportunity and risks assessments; localized policy impact analyses; and training and educational materials, among other benefits.

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