Working alongside market leaders, IMT seeks to test innovative technology and practices that bridge what is possible in real estate with where we are today.


IMT bridges public policy intent with the market support structures to make it easier to take action. With this in mind, we are pioneering several regionally focused hubs that seek to connect practitioners across a jursidiction with the connections and tools they need to act. Our premier pilot is the Building Innovation Hub in Washington, D.C., with similar hubs under development in Kansas City, Mo. and St. Louis. In addition, IMT was recently named as a co-lead to develop a resource hub for the City and County of Denver.

We need to buildings to keep us healthy, as well as operate efficiently and at low cost. IMT is now piloting a new systems approach to HVAC that makes it possible to meet all these goals simultaneously.

High-road contracting refers to a business standard of productivity and efficiency rooted in environmental sustainability, livable wages, and shared prosperity and inclusion. These standards are embedded in most public sector projects, RFPs, selection criteria, and contracts. However, they rarely exist for private, commercial building owners. IMT’s Building Innovation Hub is seeking to change this, with a specific focus on the Washington, DC region. 

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Launched in 2014 by IMT and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Alliance, Green Lease Leaders sets the industry standard for what constitutes a green lease and recognizes landlords and tenants for creating and implementing those leases. The program continues to seek new ways to expand the power of leases to create higher-performing spaces. 

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