The Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) works with and receives support from a diverse range of partners, including foundations, international institutions, governments, corporations, and individuals. Our purpose in all of these relationships is to fulfill our mission of promoting energy efficiency in buildings. We only seek or accept financial support that would support this mission. We always follow our guiding principles: to build with and upon the work of others, to always move to scale up our successes, and to be judicious in our investments. We are proud of the support we receive and report regularly on the sources of our funding.

IMT is non-partisan and independent. We are not a consulting organization, and we enter into contractual relationships only if they are driven by our program goals. To ensure the quality and independence of our work, we subject our reports and policy analyses to peer review.

IMT collaborates with and accepts funding from corporations. We are sensitive to concerns about the influence of corporate funding on nonprofit organizations’ research and advocacy, and we review each relationship very carefully. We do not accept corporate funding that is restricted to specific deliverables that issue recommendations for government policy.

IMT does work in partnership with private-sector entities to develop joint policy recommendations on key issues. In such cases, the collaborating parties may share costs. As with all prospective donors, we seek unrestricted or flexible support from corporations that we can allocate to our work at our own discretion.