IMT’s efforts to catalyze wide-spread and sustained demand for high-performance buildings is driven by an array of subject matter experts in real estate, building performance policy and programs, finance, codes, and more. Our staff represents broad and deep experience in every aspect of building energy efficiency. Click below on individual profiles to learn more.

Lotte Schlegel

Executive Director | (202)525-2883 x324
As IMT’s Executive Director, Lotte is IMT’s primary spokesperson and guides IMT’s growth with an eye on both big-picture vision and tactical execution.

Cliff Majersik

Director of Market Transformation | (202)525-2883 x303
A respected industry leader, Cliff is a pioneer of concepts in real estate and building performance policy that optimize energy use and help transition to a low-carbon economy.

Mark Chao

Senior Advisor, Founding Staff Member | (607)257-3348
Mark is the founding staff member of IMT. Having served continuously in various capacities since 1996, he now works as senior advisor, providing technical and strategic support to IMT’s senior management and program staff.

Julie Hughes

Managing Director, Programs | (202)525-2883 x305
As Managing Director of Programs, Julie advances IMT’s efforts to develop and implement market-based solutions to today’s climate and energy challenges.

Chris Brown

Director, Private Sector Engagement | (202)525-2883 x315
Chris leads IMT’s work to identify and implement energy solutions that harness the growing momentum of leading companies and governments as they raise their climate ambitions and related goals.

Andrew Burr

Director of Development | (202)525-2883 x308
Andrew advises IMT development strategy and execution.

David Cohan

Director, Technical and Policy Analysis | (202)525-2883 x311
David contributes to IMT’s strategic direction, priorities, and programmatic approaches, with an eye to what will result in the greatest increase in building energy performance.

Ryan Freed

Director, Public Sector | (202)525-2883 x332
Ryan is the Director for City Energy Project, a joint initiative of IMT and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Betsy Law

Director, Strategic Services | (202)525-2883 x329
Betsy leads all internal operations and oversees the strategic growth of IMT.

Katie Weeks

Director, Communications | (202)525-2883 x306
Katie Weeks is IMT’s Director of Communications. As such, she leads the organization’s communications efforts, overseeing strategy, messaging, and branding across IMT’s core programs. She also coordinates communications programs with IMT’s key partners and joint initiatives, such as the City Energy Project, a collaboration of IMT and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Audi Banny

Associate Director, Private Sector Engagement | (202)525-2883 x304
Audi Banny is the Interim Director for Market Engagement. As such, she leads IMT's work with national tenants, developing new programs such as the Landlord-Tenant Energy Partnership and continuing existing projects that help tenants, government agencies, property owners, and other real estate stakeholders establish the business case for more-efficient leased spaces.

Erin Beddingfield

Senior Manager of Project Delivery | (202)525-2883 x323
Erin Beddingfield is the Senior Manager of Project Delivery at IMT. She oversees service delivery on key projects involving data analytics and related policy issues, and contributes to defining IMT’s priorities and approaches to data-related projects.

Christine Cahn

Senior Advisor
Christine Cahn joined IMT in 2012, bringing ample experience in analytics and operations.

Kimberly Cheslak

Energy Codes Specialist | (240)676-1681
Kim leads IMT's efforts to reduce carbon emissions and improve the energy efficiency of buildings through ambitious adoption and enforcement of energy codes.

Jake Duncan

Research Analyst | (202)525-2883 x319
Jake Duncan establishes the economic and environmental foundations for energy efficiency policies, programs, and investments.

Julia Eagles

Associate Director of Utility & Regulatory Strategy | (612)747-9821
As IMT's Associate Director of Utility and Regulatory Strategy, Julia is responsible for developing and deploying local, state, and national level strategies to achieve broad-scale transformation.

Lindsey Falasca

Program Manager, Private Sector Engagement | (202)525-2883 x318
Lindsey develops new ways for local governments and utilities to partner with and motivate the private sector to increase adoption of energy-efficient practices.

Rory Gahagan

Program Associate | (202)525-2883 x314
Rory analyzes benchmarking data for the District's building stock to understand city building and energy trends.

Zachary Hart

Manager, Building Performance Policy | (202)525-2883 x321
Zachary supports the efforts of City Energy Project cities as they work to adopt and implement policies and programs to reduce energy waste from their building stock. He is responsible for supplying CEP cities with resources, tools, and technical assistance.

Hae-Young Kang

Manager, Accounting Services | (202)525-2883 x307
Hae-Young oversees IMT’s accounting and ensures nonprofit audit and accounting compliance.

Jessica Miller

Specialist, Public-Private Strategy and Engagement | (202)525-2883 x320
Jessica creates connections between the public and private sectors and works with diverse stakeholders to reach their respective climate and business goals.

Megan O’Neil

Manager, City Solutions | (202)525-2883 x312
Megan works with cities across the United States to advance energy efficiency policies.

Rita Perez

Communications Associate | (202)525-2883 x331
Rita is IMT’s Communications Associate and plays a vital role in shaping IMT’s social media strategies and multi-media production of outreach plans across IMT programs.

Chris Potter

Communications Manager | (240)244-7568
Chris provides communications support for IMT initiatives that break down barriers to more energy-efficient buildings in the private sector, such as the Small Business Energy Initiative and Green Lease Leaders. He also oversees IMT's digital + social media efforts and manages the organization's blog and newsletter.

Robert Sahadi

Senior Advisor | (202)525-2883
Bob advises IMT on energy efficiency financing solutions for homes and commercial buildings.

Mike Towler

Manager, Finance and Strategy | (202)525-2883 x313
Mike supports the day-to-day operations of IMT, working closely with the program, finance, and development teams.