An Unprecedented Opportunity: About IMT

Increasing energy efficiency in U.S. commercial, industrial, and multifamily buildings offers an unprecedented opportunity to: dramatically reduce carbon emissions boost property value while also increasing affordability save billions of dollars create thousands of jobs and supercharge economic growth improve quality of life across all of society Learn more about how IMT makes these ambitious goals … Continued

Energy Opportunity Scan Overview

To meet ambitious goals such as 100% clean energy, cities must address building performance. This requires cities to mobilize the many organizations and individuals that influence building energy use in their jurisidiction. To change the day-to-day business practices of these individuals and organizations, city governments first need to understand the various market actors’ attitudes, interests, … Continued

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit”: Creating Alignment between Cities and Utility Energy Efficiency Programs

Cities are increasingly acting as market catalysts to encourage and require building owners to improve energy performance. However, cities implementing building performance policies that require actions like audits or re-tuning may experience conflicts with their regulated utilities’ efficiency programs, which depend on energy savings being additional—not attributable to market adoption or preexisting laws. These utility … Continued

Piloting the Use of Energy Policy Data to Drive Market Action

Data is only useful when put to use. Across the U.S., an ever-growing number of state and local jurisdictions are implementing building performance reporting laws regarding building energy and water use in the commercial and multifamily sectors. This wealth of performance information is not yet being deployed to its full potential to drive smarter business decisions … Continued