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Institute for Market Transformation

Promoting energy efficiency in buildings
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Brokers and Real Estate Agents

Brokers are the connective tissue between property owners and tenants, and have the ability to greatly influence how a building invests in energy efficiency. IMT turns commercial real estate agents into efficiency assets by designing and delivering targeted education programs that help brokers understand how energy efficient buildings deliver additional value to their clients.

By partnering with leading real estate organizations, IMT's course material has been used to train more than 1,000 brokers in three years.

We help all parties understand how a sustainability strategy flows through to the leasing process, and we explain the financial and environmental value added through each green clause. Building on IMT’s established knowledge in green building policies, we also help navigate through the increasingly complicated world of green building mandates, certifications, and benchmarking policies. As the standard for Class A buildings increasingly comes to include some level of efficiency, with IMT’s help brokers can stay ahead of the market (and clients) by learning about building energy issues now.

Want to learn more? Access a curated list of our resources below, visit the more extensive Resource library, and contact one of our experts now.

Green Leasing

Energy-efficient buildings have higher occupancy and rental rates.  Because of their specialized knowledge, brokers are key negotiators during the leasing process, and as such, have the ability to encourage energy savings by helping landlords and tenants agree on green-lease clauses. IMT is the dominant industry leader for green leasing, overseeing the comprehensive Green Lease Library and the growing Green Lease Leader industry standard.

Broker Education


IMT’s Market Engagement team effectively engages a wide range of private market stakeholders—building owners and tenants, brokers and real estate agents, and lenders and appraisers, among others—to improve building performance and unlock billions of dollars in investment, creating thousands of jobs, improving businesses’ bottom lines across the country, and measurably addressing America’s climate challenge.  Click here to access our work with owners and tenants and click here to access our work with lenders and appraisers.