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Institute for Market Transformation

Promoting energy efficiency in buildings
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Broker Education

Because of their specialized knowledge, brokers are key negotiators during the leasing process, and as such, have the ability to encourage energy savings by helping landlords and tenants agree on green-lease clauses. IMT and partners are developing educational tools for brokers, including continuing education seminars that address energy efficiency concepts from a real estate agent’s point of view.

Current research suggests that green, energy-efficient buildings have higher occupancy and rental rates. As the standard for Class A buildings increasingly comes to include some level of sustainability initiative, brokers can stay ahead of the market (and clients) by learning about building energy issues now.

Keeping brokers informed about efficient buildings

Keeping brokers informed about efficient buildings



As part of our outreach work, IMT staff frequently give presentations to office brokers in the District of Columbia. The goal is to combine general green building and leasing concepts with localized information that will be relevant for leasing agents.