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Institute for Market Transformation

Promoting energy efficiency in buildings
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High-performance buildings provide significant advantages for building owners and users. Commercial buildings enjoy higher occupancy levels, rental rates, and sale prices; in the residential sector, consumer demand for green homes (and the lower utility bills they bring) is at an all-time high.

IMT’s finance policy program develops solutions that encourage homeowners, building owners, tenants, and financial institutions to consider building energy performance when making investment decisions.  We focus on changing business as usual, integrating efficiency considerations into tried-and-true business processes in order to achieve broad market transformation.

Our expert staff offers guidance to the real estate and financial sectors, educating brokers, appraisers, and other stakeholders. We engage with cities and commercial stakeholders on energy efficiency financing models and program implementation. Our commercial real estate engagement team also promotes green leasing, a model that aligns incentives so both owners and tenants win when they save energy.

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Finance & Real Estate: Experts

Andrew Feierman Senior Program Associate, Commercial Real Estate Engagement See Staff Bio
Cliff Majersik Executive Director See Staff Bio
Megan Houston Senior Program Associate See Staff Bio
Adam Sledd Director, Market Engagement See Staff Bio
Robert Sahadi Director, Energy Efficiency Finance Policy See Staff Bio
Jonathan Bauer Program Associate, Market Engagement See Staff Bio
Alexandra Harry Senior Associate See Staff Bio
Leonard Kolstad Senior Program Associate See Staff Bio

Our Global Partner

The Global Buildings Performance Network (GBPN) seeks to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with building energy use.

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