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International Energy Conservation Code

The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) is the current national model energy code for the U.S.* It sets minimum requirements for energy efficiency that new buildings—as well as additions and renovations to existing buildings—must meet wherever the code has been adopted into law. These requirements affect the building thermal envelope (i.e., windows, doors, and insulation), lighting systems, and heating and cooling.

The IECC is updated on a 3-year cycle, and the most recent version is 2015. Improvements are being achieved rapidly. The 2012 IECC raised energy efficiency standards by approximately 30% just over the 2006 edition of the code.

If all 50 U.S. states adopted the 2012 edition or higher, benefits would include about $40 billion annual energy savings by 2030 and 200 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions avoided every year, according to an analysis by the Alliance to Save Energy.

IMT supports the adoption, implementation, and enforcement of the IECC in collaboration with our national and regional partners.

*IECC is the current national model code along with ASHRAE Standard 90.1, which is referenced within the commercial chapter of the IECC.