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IMT and ICC Present the 2016 Standard Bearers Awards



Strong building energy codes ensure that buildings use energy efficiently, cost less to operate, and are healthy and comfortable for occupants.

Despite these benefits, compliance with energy codes could be better. Initiatives for training, outreach, and enforcement to boost compliance are severely underfunded. However, some jurisdictions are finding ways to raise compliance rates even with constraints on their budgets and time.

Now in its fifth year, the Standard Bearers Award is presented by IMT and the International Code Council (ICC), recognizing state and local jurisdictions and individuals who have raised compliance with energy codes and achieved energy reduction in buildings using smart, cost-effective strategies.

Award recipients will receive a travel stipend to attend the 2016 ICC Annual Conference and Public Comment Hearings in Kansas City, Mo., where they will be honored at the ICC Awards Luncheon.



Read the Standard Bearers Fact Sheet

*Download the 2016 Standard Bearers State and Jurisdictional Application*

*Download the 2016 Standard Bearers Energy Code Leader Application*


The winners of the 2015 Standard Bearers Awards are:

  • Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, Illinois Energy & Recycling Office
    State Jurisdiction

  • Washington, D.C.
    Local Jurisdiction

  • Steven E. Rinehart
    Energy Code Leader

These Standard Bearers demonstrate that leadership at all levels is crucial to achieving energy code compliance. Their leadership can help shape policy and best practices for improving code compliance across the country. Past winners have ranged from individual leaders who are making a state-wide impact to state governments and local building departments who help develop strong energy codes and an exemplary enforcement infrastructure.

Learn more about the 2015 winnersthe 2014 winners; and about other past winners.