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Promoting energy efficiency in buildings
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Ari Dolmon

Extern, Market Engagement  |  202-525-2883, x331 Ari Dolmon

Through the DCSEU Workforce Development Program, Ari collaborates with IMT's Market Engagement team in research, communication, and outreach in communicating external financing programs offered to commercial enterprises and promoting the green standards rolling out in municipalities throughout the country. He's engaged with topics related to multifamily financing, green leasing, and other property management strategies. He supports curriculum development to educate brokers, landlords, and C-suite executives on these topics.

Ari joined IMT in July 2017, transferring from a Business Analyst position in the federal consulting sector. He previously taught English in Ashdod, Israel to elementary aged students and volunteered for projects in net-zero housing, water reclamation, and agriculture. He graduated in 2014 with a BA in Political Science from the University of Illinois.