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Promoting energy efficiency in buildings
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COMNET is the leading initiative to standardize building energy modeling (the use of computer-based tools to simulate the energy use of a building) by creating consistent baselines relative to various energy codes and standards. It enhances productivity and quality by providing a set of guidelines and procedures that govern this standardization, as well as detailed specifications for energy analysis software.

COMNET extends and supports existing systems for assessing and rating the energy efficiency of new commercial and multifamily buildings in the United States.


Who Does COMNET Help?

COMNET offers quality assurance services to green building rating agencies, energy code authorities, utility energy efficiency programs, and other programs that rely on, or require, energy models. Design teams can use the COMNET Portal, an online platform used to collect energy modeling simulation results, perform quality assurance checks, and submit the results to a rating authority.


How Does COMNET Assist With These Services?

By creating streamlined processes with technical rigor, institutional credibility, consistency, and versatility, COMNET helps to make the evaluation of building energy models (BEM) more efficient and cost-effective.


Energy Modeling Portal

The COMNET team recently launched its first commercial product, an energy modeling portal which allows design teams to directly upload their building energy modeling information into LEED Online. The portal automatically populates template forms for LEED practitioners—using the portal can save substantial time and also offers basic quality assurance features to reduce errors in LEED submittals to GBCI.

Test the portal here and download the COMNET overview and COMNET Energy Modeling Portal fact sheet.


Other Products and Tools

COMNET is also working towards accrediting BEM software tools that integrate the COMNET guidelines and procedures, which will save significant time for modelers by automating the baseline, or reference building model.



COMNET is managed by the New Buildings Institute with support from IMT, Architectural Energy Corporation, and RESNET. Several committees also provide guidance; they include members from the U.S. Green Building Council, U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, ASHRAE, and the California Energy Commission.



Visit the COMNET website to learn more.