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Institute for Market Transformation

Promoting energy efficiency in buildings
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About IMT

The Institute for Market Transformation (IMT), founded in 1996, is a Washington, DC-based nonprofit organization promoting energy efficiency, green building, and environmental protection in the United States and abroad. The prevailing focus of IMT’s work is energy efficiency in buildings. Our activities include technical and market research, policy and program development, and promotion of best practices and knowledge exchange.  All our work involves many collaborators and targets a broad range of stakeholders in both the public and private sectors.

In particular, IMT aims to strengthen market recognition of the link between buildings’ energy efficiency and their financial value. IMT’s efforts lead to important new policy outcomes, widespread changes in practice, and ultimately, lasting market shifts toward greater energy efficiency, with substantial benefits for the economy and the environment.

Our mission

To promote energy efficiency in buildings

Our vision

We envision a future in which the social, environmental, and economic value of energy efficiency is realized and all buildings are highly efficient.

Our guiding principles

  • Build with and upon others. IMT builds teams and works collaboratively with others to maximize the impact of the whole and exploit the range of available strengths without reproducing efforts.
  • Always move to scale. IMT works on projects and programs that we can replicate at scale to deliver big efficiency gains. We also identify and replicate global best practices.
  • Be judicious in our investments. The majority of IMT’s work will be in jurisdictions where the political environment is favorable to energy policy, or where we can lay a foundation for future market transformation. We focus our resources to be effective and recognize the risk of spreading ourselves too thin across geographies, strategies, and sectors.

For more information, download our 2014 Annual Report.

What Is Market Transformation?

Market transformation is a process of strategic intervention in the market to bring about widespread, permanent change. For IMT, this means removing market barriers to broader adoption of energy efficiency, as well as accelerating adoption. We prioritize long-term strategies rather than incentives or subsidies that may expire. The end goal is for energy efficiency to become standard in the real estate marketplace. 

IMT’s Work

Our core program areas are:

Since 2011, IMT has served as the U.S. hub of the Global Buildings Performance Network, headquartered in Paris. To learn more about the cities, countries, and regions we've worked in, visit the Where We Work page. To learn more about some of our recent work and accomplishments, download IMT's 2013 Annual Report.

What Is IMT Doing to Save Energy Itself?

IMT's mission is to promote energy efficiency in buildings, and we're honor-bound to practice what we preach. To that end, we recently moved into an ENERGY STAR-rated, LEED Silver EB-certified office building in downtown Washington, after negotiating green lease terms with the owner.

Now we are also making our energy use transparent to the public. We have worked with technology company Lucid to display our real-time energy use on their online Building Dashboard, because by monitoring how much energy we use, we can change our behavior to be smarter, more efficient occupants.

View the IMT Building Dashboard.